Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Cover Release Convicted

Fury Cover Design Cover Release

Welcome to our first cover Release from Fury Cover Design. We'll be sharing the new release from Jayda Iris.

Here is the E copy of Convicted that you can pre-order now. 

After getting married and having children way too young, recently divorced Presley Williams decides to move on with her life, but not before reliving her teen years while working as a DJ in a teen dance club. As the center of attention, Presley gets caught up in the popularity as well as the drama.

When Presley meets Drew Mansfield, she takes a seat on a roller coaster that turns into the ride of her life. Her best friend and soul mate, Drew becomes Presley’s obsession. But when Drew gets sentenced to years in prison, Presley’s love and loyalty is tested.

In a desperate attempt for companionship, she turns to Drew’s rival and cousin, Kendall Roberts. What starts out as friendship soon turns to a hot romance that takes Presley by surprise. Now, caught up in a tormenting love triangle with two bad boys, Presley is forced to make the hardest decision of her life. Choices have consequences. Consequences that affect three souls. Three souls knitted together but forever changed. Who will Presley choose?

Here was the paperback version layout

Jayda Iris Author Central 
Convicted Book link 

Here is how the paperback turned out. Thanks for sharing with us Jayda!


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